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My name is Danny LeBlanc. I am the founder of Final Farewells. It is an honor to have you visit our funeral planning website today. In my career I have learned to follow only the ventures one is passionate about as well as to only follow ventures that I myself would want to utilize. At Final Farewells I have done exactly that. Created a free service for all to use that gives each of us the last word when we depart from this beautiful earth. When we pass and bid our Final Farewells we should do this in a dignified manner that celebrates our life the way each of us want it to be celebrated. To date we don’t have that last word of how we will deliver our Final Farewells to our family and friends. Until now, Final Farewells patented process delivers the last word for each of us. Until now, the final celebration of every person who has left this earth has been planned and set forth by a family member or friend who all too often has no idea what your real wishes were for this final get together to celebrate your life. With Final Farewells - funeral planning website, you will find a simple way to plan your last day yourself and have your wishes delivered to those that need to know. You will decide everything and be in full control. Do not leave this burden on your loved ones who really haven’t a clue what you want and are in a state of mourning. Your loved one is mourning your passing and does not want to deal with all these details. So please go ahead and complete your account, select the “activate now” button and follow the instructions. I hope you find this to be and easy and enjoyable experience. Should you have suggestions on how we can improve our services please send them to Suggestions@FinalFarewells.com. Thanks again and enjoy our service.