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Online Funeral Pre Planning Services

The Benefits of Arranging Memorials Ahead of Time

free funeral pre planning services.

With free end of life planning services from Final Farewells, you can give your loved ones reassurance and certainty when they need it most. Our funeral pre planning services give your survivors the confidence that your memorial is up to your standards. It only takes an afternoon and a few clicks to write your wishes or work with our estate planning and will writing services. Once you have designated your preferences for a memorial service or funeral, you can enhance your online pre planning funeral profile with your favorite stories, photographs and digital versions of your favorite music. Friends and family often feel pressured to get every detail right to honor their loved one's legacy. This can result in undue stress and snap decisions to pay for unnecessary things. Even with end of life planning, funerals usually cost at least $6,500. Costs can easily exceed $10,000, especially with last-minute extras. But most people want their financial legacy to support their families, rather than fund an expensive funeral or memorial service. We offer online pre planning funeral services as well as guides for free. With our free online funeral arrangement tools, it's easy to tell your loved ones exactly how you want to be remembered. You can:

Designate Your Funeral Home

Whether you have prepaid your funeral expenses or simply want your family to know your preferences, our online tool makes it easy. Our system was built to provide maximum flexibility and save your money.

Provide Your Burial Details

Final Farewells enables you to tell your loved ones whether you want to be buried or cremated. Then you can add as much or as little detail as you want. If you choose interment, you can easily select the style, color and write transcriptions for your headstone or memorial marker. With online funeral pre planning services, you can request the kind of flowers you want, whether you want to be buried in a favorite outfit or with favorite possessions. If you opt for cremation, you canselect your own urn and set details such as whether you want your cremains scattered in a favorite location, stored in a columbarium or distributed among family members. You can also write about whether you want memorial markers or plaques.

Keep Your Memory Alive

Even after our physical bodies are gone, we live on in our minds and hearts of our loved ones. Pre-planning for the final stage of your life allows you to keep those precious memories alive. You can write about your life and collect your favorite photos for memory DVDs. You can also select remembrance items such as porcelain mosaics, scrolls and etched photographs and create time capsules. Now is the time to illustrate your life as you see it.

Estate Planning & Will Writing Services

You have worked hard to care for your loved ones throughout your life, and you can continue caring for them after you're gone by tying up legal loose ends. With our fully secure pre-planning tool,you can provide information about:

  • Where to find your last will and testament
  • Where to locate all your insurance accounts and trusts
  • Where to find your bank accounts
  • How to access your digital assets and accounts

Get Started Today

In just a few minutes, you can get started with online pre planning funeral services by creating an account and choosing guarantors.Create a memorial that celebrates the real you today.