Final Farewells : Funeral Homes

As a director of a funeral home, mortuary, or cemetery, you may have noticed your clientele is changing. A more computer literate, tech savvy generation is entering your door every day. Are you ready for the tsunami wave of change? Don’t get caught with a nail in your coffin. How are you maximizing your services with the latest technologies? We can help make that happen. As you know many times pre-planning has been minimal or nonexistent leaving the family members and loved ones overwhelmed with last minute funeral decisions that need to be made quickly. Because the deceased had not provided any type of instructions preferences or requests. Those bewildered family members are left organizing, making decisions, and planning when they should be grieving their loss. Because they are being distracted by all the standard funeral decisions your job becomes more difficult and you aren’t able to create a clear picture of all the options that they have available to them. Think of the lost time spent wading through basic decisions. What if you had more time to present the key additional options when selecting the casket, vault, or urn? With more time to deliver you options and upgrades you can dramatically boost your bottom line. Don’t create sticker shock muddling through the givens when your primary focus needs to be on the upgrades. Final Farewells leading edge technology can remove the distractions that often result in sticker shock prior to even being introduced to the upgrades that the client feels his or her loved one deserves. We all know time is of the essence when it comes to funeral sales and the more time you have to discuss the additional features and options the more opportunity you have to boost your sales. As you know, one of the most effective times to begin preplanning sales is when a death in the family has occurred. Surviving family members are more aware of their own mortality and the services you provided are fresh on their minds. Final Farewells system gives you a fantastic, nonintrusive way to introduce preplanning and begin the presales process with them. So what is Final Farewells? Final Farewells is a free preplanning service created from the perspective of the client. It allows a client to build their own funeral and record their desires and wishes. It also provides a way to touch the lives of friends and family for years to come after their death. Final Farewells patented system provides your client with a way to share their feelings and show their love to family and friends for up to 20 years after they’re gone. Offering this free service to you clients can not only boost future sales by creating a long term relationship it can also give your team more time to focus on up sales during the preparation process. Setting up this service is simple and easy and will not only provide your clients with a great service but will give your sales team an industry leading tool to introduce preplanning to surviving members. Give us a call today to learn how Final Farewells can become a part of your team.